Visit the Lower World

Visit the Lower World



Visit the Lower World.

Through a shamanic journey, you can visit the Lower world. Here you can find healing, wisdom, and much more. The spirits will guide you to reach the Lower World. There will be little relaxation at the beginning. My voice will accompany and guide you so that you can visit the Lower World. After a few minutes, you will not hear my voice, but you will listen to the drum, etc. There will be two moments where my voice will invite you to return, but you can continue if you wish. Make sure to set clear intentions from what you desire to find here. At the end of the journey, the drum will change the rhythm, and my voice will tell you that it is time to return. I explain here a little bit more about the Journeys.

Characteristics for “Visit the Lower World.”

  • Title: Visit the Lower World.
  • Duration: 20 Minutes with 3 of Relaxation.
  • Goal: Journey to the Lower World. You might meet your power animal, receive messages, or find healing.
  • Level: All levels.
  • Subliminal: None.
  • Background: Drumming with a 17” Elk Hide Drum.
  • Extra: None.
  • Note: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or using heavy machinery.

So, once you finish, be sure to take notes of all your experiences. You will likely receive messages.

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