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Talk To Fer



Talk to Fer is excellent if you need some to listen to you. In a psychic reading, I never ask for you to tell me your story… as I do not need it to do a reading. It is something as great as you must not “feed the psychic.” Not asking for background information is what every single psychic should do, and this way, the readings come out the cleanest and the most accurate. While this is fantastic (from a psychic perspective), there is a small downfall. I am well aware that sometimes, you only need to share what is going on in your life for someone to listen to you.

The reason why Talk to Fer is not for psychic readings. I will not go to connect with Spirit. However, since I am always open to messages, something of that nature might come forth. But nothing like in a psychic reading.

If you need psychic help, we must go for a psychic reading first, allow Spirit to talk, and bring any required information. Once this part this done, we can go for a Talk to Fer session if you desire. I will assist you with pondering the reading. But this should be done after, so I am a clean slate for your reading.

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