Bundle Gift – Soul Retrieval + The Healing Profound

Bundle Gift – Soul Retrieval + The Healing Profound


Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval ~ Shamanic Healing with Fernando Albert. Your Daily Dose of Light.

The Profound Healing

The Healing: Profound ~ Spiritual Guidance and Healing with Fernando Albert. Your Daily Dose of Light.


Get Soul Retrieval and The Healing Profound sessions in a bundle and save up to 14%.

Soul Retrieval: Powerful Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval is a particular type of exploration and self-development. You must understand the process well since this is not an ordinary distance healing. It is a process that needs a little preparation, especially from a distance. During an emblem retrieval session, I will make a shamanic journey to the lower and middle worlds (as they guide me).

During this trip, I will look for fragments of your soul that you have lost during negative experiences in this or past lifes. Bringing light and understanding to this moment will bring the possibility of recovering that lost fragment. That will make you stronger, and it will also bring healing. Feel free to check out the video below to learn more.

Profound Healing

Don’t complicate yourself with labels. Experience The Healing (Profound). No complications, only positive energy. A treatment feels like a wonderful white light flowing around you. Energetic healing will bring your body, emotions, mind, and spirit the optimal balance. The feelings of tranquility and inner peace are always present. Finding the sentimental sources that cause physical pain usually eliminates pain completely.

Improving balance in your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness.