Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval



Please, contact me before booking a Soul Retrieval Session.

Soul retrieval is an exceptional type of healing. I explain a little in this article, but I also want to tell it to you here. You must understand the process well since this is not an ordinary distance healing. It is a process that needs a little preparation, especially when doing it from a distance. The ideal is in person; however, as in the astral plane, in the shamanic planes (lower, middle, and upper), there is no distance as such. Nor is there time. However, being shamanic healing, soul retrieval is much more down-to-earth than it seems, so you must have some awareness of this subject.

During a soul retrieval session, I will make a shamanic journey to the lower and middle worlds (as they guide me). During this trip, I will look for fragments of your soul that you have lost during negative experiences in this or past lifes. Bringing light and understanding to this moment will bring the possibility of recovering that lost fragment. That will make you stronger, and it will also bring healing. I will share all this with you in a voice file. I tell you a little more about the subject. (If we have already started or know how it works, and you need to go to the form, click here.)

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