Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval



Soul Retrieval: Powerful Shamanic Healing.

Soul Retrieval is an exceptional type of healing. You must understand the process well since this is not an ordinary distance healing. It is a process that needs a little preparation, especially when doing it from a distance. During a soul retrieval session, I will make a shamanic journey to the lower and middle worlds (as they guide me). During this trip, I will look for fragments of your soul that you have lost during negative experiences in this or past lifes. Bringing light and understanding to this moment will bring the possibility of recovering that lost fragment. That will make you stronger, and it will also bring healing. Feel free to check out the video below to learn a little bit more about Soul Retrieval sessions. I explain more right below.

Experience Shamanic healing through a Soul Retrieval session.

While the ideal is in person, my guides (one is especially experienced in this subject) taught me that distance is not a limit. In fact, I have already made numerous shamanic journeys where I have observed its effectiveness. A Soul Retrieval will help you. If you feel you lost a part of yourself, this type of healing can shift your life.

I will explain to you by e-mail if you have doubts, but I will share with you here also:

  • First, we get in touch. Once you send me a message, in less than 48 hours, I will answer you. I want to inform you that both sessions will give the same result. In fact, I recommend the option with a lower price because I will record the session results. This way, it will be faster.
  • Once we find the date and time, we will wait for that moment. It is also time to book the session. If you are a very busy person and prefer not to make an appointment, I will do your soul retrieval session while you sleep.
  • When the time comes, remember that during that half-hour, you cannot be disturbed or interrupted. Nor would anything happen if this happens; no one will interrupt me (they know what I am doing!). You will enjoy the session more if you lie down and relax while I do your soul retrieval.
  • At the end of the session, I will record in a voice file about ten minutes on how it went. It is essential to know that there is a reintegration process after the session for both of us.

A couple of notes:

  • Only in sporadic cases would it be possible not to find such fragments. There will always be messages, and “something will happen.” However, I will use the entire half-hour to find at least one of these fragments.
  • As “the drums” will not let me know until half an hour passes, therefore, as soon as I find a soul fragment, I will intend to return. If on that same soul recovery journey, I feel that I have to look for a second fragment, I will, even if I have to consume the entire half-hour. Otherwise, I will return sooner to have the visions as fresh as possible.

You can find out more about a Soul Retrieval session, please, right here.

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