Receiving a message from your Higherself

Receiving a message from your Higherself



Receiving a message from your Higherself

Did you miss any of my live meditations? Now you have the opportunity to download former live meditations and listen to your copy at your own leisure. It is time to meet with your Higherself! Go deep in relaxation, raise your vibrations and meet with the perfect you, your Higherself. Get to know everything about your Higherself, and be open to receive a message or two. Furthermore, your Higherself will guide you through a past moment to heal. I explain here a little bit more about the Live Meditations:

Common Characteristics: Live Meditations ~ Receiving a message from your Higherself

Former Live Guided Meditations with many different topics. These are the common characteristics that all these meditations have. Right below, you can check the individual goals for each.

  • Title: Receiving a message from your Higherself.
  • Duration: 34 minutes (6 minutes relaxation).
  • Goal: Meet with your Higherself.
  • Level: Suitable for everybody.
  • Subliminal: None.
  • Extra: Theta Brainwaves.
  • Background: Soft instrumental music.
  • Note: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or using heavy machinery.

So, once you finish, be sure to take notes of all your experiences. You will likely receive messages.

If you prefer, you can read all about “How to meditate” right here.

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