Receive a gift

Receive a gift



Receive a Gift: Manifestation Meditation

manifestation meditation to materialize your desires. It will help you visualize your desires with your mind and soul. This meditation will take you to a positive moment in your life. Therefore, you can enjoy it again and feel happiness. That happiness is going to be the fuel to materialize your desires and needs. You do not need meditation experience. Find a comfortable place and follow the instructions of my voice. Allow your desires to materialize in front of your eyes.

Characteristics for “Receive a Gift.”

  • Title: Receive a Gift. (Manifestation Meditation.)
  • Duration: 22 Minutes with 6 of Relaxation.
  • Goal:  Manifest a wish (once per session.)
  • Level: All.
  • Subliminal: I’m successful. I’m happy. I accomplish what I manifest. I love my life. Everything is going great.
  • Background: Instrumental Music.
  • Extra: 432 Hz, Theta Brainwaves.
  • Note: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or using heavy machinery.

So, once you finish, be sure to take notes of all your experiences. You will likely receive messages.

If you prefer, you can read all about “Receive a gift” right here.

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