Middle Reading

Middle Reading



15 Minutes Voice Recorded Reading.

My readings are very dynamic and profound. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what reading you need. During all the readings, I will connect with as many sources of information as possible to give you complete reading. For example, if you want a reading of Spirit Guides, but I see the need to connect with your Akashic Records, I will do it to give you the highest clarity on the matter. Many times I share exercises that can help you, and sometimes I can even recommend other sessions.

You can read all about how the reading works right here or check my Youtube video about it below:


A spiritual reading is receiving guidancehelp, and predictions … and this is what you will find here. I connect with several light sources in all the readings for greater clarity and to be able to offer all kinds of readings:

I will access almost all of these in all readings, as needed. Information will arrive in its purest state since I always connect with all sources at the same time. Therefore, there will never be lost information, but there will be even more information and a lot more clarity. I have been reading this way for years, and people are delighted.