Meet your Soul

Meet your Soul



I tell you a little more about this journey to visit the Soul.

Talking about topics such as the soul can sometimes be complicated. I have a fascinating entry here on the subject. Sometimes, it is necessary to feel things or even see or experience them. This meditation will help you see “your” soul. It is a very deep meditation-Journey but simple to do. Explorations bring you the opportunity to discover. Since we live in duality, we have lost certain connections, souls, essence, and eternal existence.

You have to find a comfortable position and let this soul exploration meditation guides you. It will help you feel that your life is much more authentic than a higher perception. You will be more in sync with your life, which will benefit your self-esteem and personal potential. You will also have inner peace since you will notice yourself whole and complete. Perhaps you can even perceive your soul’s memories, essential memories that will help you in this life. Maybe you will feel a state of peace, but you will strengthen the connection between you (soul) and you (your conscience).

It lasts about 20 minutes.

Once you finish, be sure to write down your experience!

Do you know what the soul is? Didn’t you realize it’s you? This journey will help you to investigate more about the true essence of you. We are souls having a human experience, and you will find a deeper understanding of it in this powerful guided journey meditation.

Now, it is as simple as to find a desire, focus on it, place it within your heart, and follow the guided meditation.