Materialize Life Success

Materialize Life Success



It is a meditation to materialize success in life. Any time is a good time to start a transformation. This meditation will help you see that you, too, can materialize your wishes in your life. It is simple to do and will brighten your soul. The knowledge that “The Law of Attraction” is incomplete is popular, and powerful copies like  The Secret, for example, leave something essential: gratitude. It is essential to achieve success in life. This is how I see (in short) the best process:

  • Make sure you know what you want. If you want a better job, ask yourself why you want it, what goals you have, what that kind of job would be like.
  • Visualize all you can, any reason to be grateful. Fill your heart with gratitude and hold the previous visualization.
  • Gratitude activates everything because “the Universe sees” that you are visualizing something and you have gratitude. The universe has no linear time. You can use that. It is as if the Universe ‘thinks’ that you already have ‘that’ for which you are grateful. If you visualize it, you have it on the mental plane, and, potentially, at a future point in your current life, you make it come true. The Universe “will see” in you now that you “don’t have it.” Therefore it begins to materialize. It is necessary since you already have gratitude for ‘it.’
  • Visualize future events that occur thanks to the goal you are visualizing, and be grateful for those future moments.

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