Live Meditations: Past meditations you can experience!

Live Meditations: Past meditations you can experience!



Did you enjoy former live meditations?

Now you have the opportunity to download former live meditations and listen to your copy at your own leisure. Stay posted since this page will often update with new meditations. You will be able to get anyone at a reduced price of $5. Enjoy these live meditations now!

Furthermore, these versions are enhanced with Theta brainwaves and beautiful instrumental background music.

So far, you have available the following meditations:

4- Meet with your Higherself and receive a message:

Meet your Higherself and get a message.

It is time to meet with your Higherself! Go deep in relaxation, raise your vibrations and meet with the perfect you, your Higherself. Get to know everything about your Higherself, and be open to receive a message or two. Furthermore, your Higherself will guide you through a past moment to heal. Duration: 34 minutes.

Empower your connection with your Higherself self, and discover your true potential.


3- Heal and receive a message from your Akashic Records:

Heal and receive a message from your Akashic Records

Let’s take a journey to the Akashic Records! Visit, and discover your Hall of Records. Receive healing, wisdom, or both, your call!. You will be able to experience the very essence of your very own existence. You will find wisdom and healing within your Akasha. Duration: 32 minutes.

Those who explore their Akashic records have a robust connection with their inner wisdom.

2- Meet with your Spirit Guides and receive healing:

Meet with your Spirit Guides and receive healing.

Here, you will be able to get to meet your Spirit Guides. You are going to be able to receive messages from them, as well as learning their energetic signatures. You will find yourself healed, relaxed, and empowered once you finish one of these meditations. Duration: 31 minutes.

Get to know who is around you, and grow stronger in your Spirituality. Your guides will be delighted to give you a message.

1- Discover the Soul and the Akasha:

Meet the Akasha, and the Soul

Here, you will go into deeper relaxation to meet with your very own soul. From here, you will visit the Akasha, receiving wisdom and filling up your heart with gratitude. You may also even meet your spirit guides. Duration: 32 minutes.

Find the opportunity to receive messages and to connect a deeper level with your true essence.

And that’s all live guided meditations for now!

Make sure to let me know which one do you want when grabbing your copy!