Chakra Activation: Heart.

You will be able to perceive love on a much deeper level. You can feel connected to a deeper level with others, and you will see your life in a much more empathetic way, among others. From the beginning, you will have greater acceptance of others, and during the process of meeting other people, you will have a higher disposition. In this way, your relationships will have much more value. As a result, for example, you will perceive and express romance better. For this purpose, the more open your heart chakra is, the better.

These guided meditations last about ten-fifteen minutes each and they pack a brief but powerful 1-2 minutes relaxation time.

Subliminal (Chanted): Yam – Yam – Yam – My Heart is expanded – Yam Yam Yam

You can find more about your Heart Chakra clicking right here.