Getting to know yourself

Getting to know yourself



Get to know yourself.

“Know yourself” is one guided meditation for beginners, advanced people, and even experts. We forget some fractions of ourselves (don’t you think, astral projectionist?) Our physical bodies, minds, and spirits have to be in sync to bring harmony to our existence. This guided meditation will help you find that balance.

Besides being very easy to do. It’s loaded with healing and good vibrations, like all the meditations on this page.

A powerful guided journey (you can read more here) where you will experience a reconnection with your physical body to attract well-being. You will also begin to understand a little more our thoughts and conscience. This meditation also focuses on your energy and spirit, where you can attract a lot of abundance and healing. Interesting read: How to get to know yourself. It lasts about twenty minutes.

This meditation is ideal if you are struggling or if you need empowerment. It does not matter if it is physicalmental, or spiritual. When your body, mind, and spirit are in sync, you start to enjoy much more of life and get more out of everything.