Fifth Anniversary Package!

Fifth Anniversary Package!



Fifth Anniversary Package!

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary. It all started on the advice of a friend to seriously start writing this blog. Before, as some of you know, I had a small blog, programmed by me, line after line. But it was not something that I frequented as now that there is a new entry every Wednesday. Most of you, especially those of you who have followed me, know a little something. So I bring you a special lot for the Fifth Anniversary. I explain below. Extra meditations, healing, and more!

With this Fifth Anniversary Package, you will be able to get at a big discounted price:

  • 10 Minutes Reading
  • 2 Complete Healing Sessions, one for you, one for someone else.
  • 2 Guided Meditations, anyone you wish!

And lots of love, light, and good wishes!

If you prefer, you can read all about “The Reading” right here. “The Healing” right here. “The Classics” here, “The Chakra Activations” here, “The Journeys” here.


I follow my intuition and let the Universe guide me in my life. Please keep in mind that I do not embellish my readings, and you will only receive the truth. If you only want to receive news that you want to hear, you should remember that you will receive the news with my readings as it reaches me, whether good or bad. On the next button, you can buy said psychic reading. This includes being able to feel energetic cleansing during and after any of the sessions.

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