Enhanced Conspiracy Tarot

Enhanced Conspiracy Tarot



Are you looking for unique tarot decks? You need to wait no more! The Conspiracy Tarot just arrived. The Tarot has always accompanied us, serving as a guide and help, holding great tarot cards to bring you guidance.

During Ancient Egypt, the Tarot was already used as a divinatory tool, and some sources suggest that the origin goes back to Atlantis. Fascinating tarot cards are the essence of this deck. Therefore, you will find it unique. It has a comprehensive history, but this is not the goal of creating this Tarot deck. The goal is to bring ancestral knowledge within reach of everyone, directly and straightforwardly. Tarot symbologies are essential, and you will find many symbologies from yesteryear to modern times. In some cases, a symbology touches on aspects of the 21st century and how they influence our lives. These are the best tarot cards if you want to develop your tarot reading skills.

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  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • A spiritual set that contains:
    • Some crystals/gems are charged with Reiki energy.
    • Purified palo-santo ready to use.
    • A powerful guided meditation on a 4 GB USB stick.
  • White light and good vibrations.