Conspiracy Tarot: Enhanced Pack

Conspiracy Tarot: Enhanced Pack



Conspiracy Tarot – Enhanced Pack: Sabiduría en tus manos.

A Unique Tarot deck: “The Conspiracy Tarot” (enhanced pack), now discover a new world.

I have created this Modern Tarot Deck with many symbologies that go back many years to modern times. You can see them in the Art of Tarot Cards. The main objective of this handmade Tarot deck is to bring ancient knowledge within everyone’s reach. It is also effortless to understand for those new to Tarot readings.

The Tarot has always accompanied us, serving as a guide and help. The goal is to bring ancestral knowledge within everyone’s reach simply and directly. Tarot symbologies are essential, and you will find many symbologies from ancient times to modern times. A symbology that, in some cases, touches on aspects of the 21st century and how they are influencing our lives.

You will find that the symbols of this deck are simple and direct to interpret. You will be able to identify with many of the situations you will find it reflected in the cards, creating a much stronger connection between you and your Tarot.

Characteristics for “The Conspiracy Tarot: Enhanced Pack.”

The Enhanced Pack comes with:

  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • A spiritual set that contains:
    • Some crystals/gems are charged with Reiki energy.
    • Purified palo-santo ready to use.
    • A powerful guided meditation on a 4 GB USB stick.
  • White light and good vibrations.

If you prefer, you can read all about “The Conspiracy Tarot” right here.