Custom Meditation

Custom Meditation



Now you can enjoy a custom meditation. Maybe you prefer a personalized guided meditation because you need to focus on something specific. Perhaps you want to have personal subliminal instead of generic ones. Or, maybe you want a particular intent, or that the meditation to focus on something personal. Or you want to have a unique meditation in the world. No matter the reasons, you can always make a personalized meditation that suits your needs.

The best of all is, the price won’t change! It is the same for all customized meditations with a possible significant discount! Check the “menu” for you to have an idea of the customizations you can make and ponder on what you want to “see” in your meditation:

  • The script itself (the “story” that happens during the meditation.)
  • Duration (15-45 minutes)
  • Time distribution (relaxation, meditation, grounding back.)
  • Add (or not) your name, your business name, names of people that, for any reason, you want to visualize in your meditations.
  • An extensive library of ambient music as well as instrumental music. (I will make suggestions to help you decide.)
  • You can add five affirmations to your meditation and enhance their effectiveness. They may be subliminal or non-subliminal. Up to you! (Note: I do not recommend more than five statements; it will be harder for your subconsciousness.
  • Add or Remove Theta Brain Waves (recommended for more profound relaxation.)
  • Add a mantra or chant with my voice (such as “Om” or “Yam.”)
  • Infuse the file with a powerful healing light to strengthen your positive intentions.
  • Pretty much everything is 100% customizable in a custom meditation. 

You can check for more information here or the video below::