Bundle Gift – Read the Akashic Records + Access the Akashic Records

Bundle Gift – Read the Akashic Records + Access the Akashic Records


Akashic Records Meditation

Access the Akashic Records ~ Guided Meditations with Fernando Albert. Your Daily Dose of Light.

Read the Akashic Records

Course – Accelerate your Spiritual Awakening by learning Spiritual Practices | Read the Akashic Records and understand the messages with Fernando Albert


Read the Akashic Records and Access the Akashic Records in a bundle and save up to 18%.

Read the Akashic Records and Understand the Messages

Learn how to read your Akashic Records and start to improve your life.

The Akashic Records are an almost infinite source of information about everything that exists. In this course, you will learn how to access this library. All the experiences we have in this life (including past and future lives) are “recorded” in the Akashic Records. Our fears, virtues, connections with others, purpose,… absolutely everything.

This is a direct course; you will see that it has no complications. This is much easier than you think if you put aside labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs.

These are some statements that will apply true in your life:

  • Understand what Akashic Records are and how to access them.
  • Discover the benefits that you are going to obtain by connecting.
  • Understand in an effortless and fast way how to use healing in your Akashic Records.
  • You will find that life becomes a little easier when you can connect easily.
  • If you want to help others, you will also learn that it is easy to access.
  • You will discover that you can also use the Akashic Records to learn and find many things.

Access the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records Meditation will grant you access to your Soul’s Libraries: The Akashic Records. I bring you the opportunity to access your Akashic Records through a great Guided Meditation. You only need to get comfortable, play this meditation, and allow yourself to be guided. You will enter a deep state of relaxation very quickly. You will be able to find a lot of yourself, your past lives, and answers to your most profound questions.