Bundle Gift – Connect with your Guides + Spirit Guides

Bundle Gift – Connect with your Guides + Spirit Guides


Connect with your Guides

Connect with your Spirit Guides ~ Guided Meditations with Fernando Albert. Your Daily Dose of Light.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides: Who are they and how to work with them: Accelerate your Spiritual Awakening by learning Spiritual Practices with Fernando Albert


Connect with Your Guides and Spirit Guides in a bundle and save up to 18%.

Connect with your Guides

You can also connect with your guides consciously. You will reach a deeper state of relaxation, and this exploration will help you have a clean connection with your guides. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it a lot! It is time to meet with your guides.

There will be a little relaxation, just as my voice will accompany you and guide you so that you know your spiritual guides well. You will have moments of silence to get to meet and know your spirit guides better. When the meditation ends, I will let you know. Experience a profound connection with your Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides: Who are they and how to work with them

Get to know your Spirit Guides and their role in your life.

We all have a set of Spirit Guides that accompany us throughout our lives. Every single Guide has a different purpose in your life. In this course, you will understand the nature of Spirit Guides. You will learn to maximize your connection with your Spirit Guides and develop a robust day-to-day relationship with them.

This is a direct course; you will see that it has no complications. It is much easier than you think if you put aside labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs.

These are some statements that will apply true in your life:

  • Learn who are the Spirit Guides and how they connect with you.
  • Find out the different types out there and their purposes.
  • Get to know them and how they connect with you.
  • When you start developing a connection, you will notice positive changes in your life.
  • Achieve the art of automatic writing; a fantastic way to bring wisdom, art, and much more from our helpers.
  • You will know how to work with the Spirit guides of other people.
  • Thanks to this course and your daily dedication, you will build a profound day-to-day relationship with your Spirit Guides.