Basic Conspiracy Tarot

Basic Conspiracy Tarot



The Conspiracy Tarot

First of all, it is one of those unique tarot decks. You will find that some symbologies in this deck are somewhat peculiar (like, for example, “The Devil”). It is increasingly important to learn to question things because we always get the best result when we do it. Today, society teaches us many things, but not all of them are true. Society gives us many things, but not all are positive. Even the teachings we have received are not 100 percent accurate, or maybe? What do you think? In the explanations of each card in this book, in addition to its symbologies, you will find questions for reflection. For that reason, it is worth reflecting on each one of them, you will make changes, and even you may change your life or your perception of it. The symbology in this deck relates to day-to-day situations, as well as from older times.

Characteristics for “The Conspiracy Tarot: Basic Pack.”

The Basic Pack comes with:

  • A copy of the Conspiracy Tarot.
  • White light and good vibrations.

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