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The Reading

Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and more.

The Conspiracy Tarot

THe conspiracy tarot

A Unique and Powerful Tarot Deck.


The Healing

Spiritual Healing from the purest White Light

The Journeys

Guided Meditations: The JOurneys

Easy Meditations with different purposes.

Activate your Chakras

Guided Meditations: Chakra Activation Series

Expand your Chakras to their ideal level.

The Classics

Guided Meditations: The Classics.

Spiritual Meditations for spiritual goals.

Live Meditations

Live Meditations

All former Live Meditations, now enhanced.

Build your own meditation.

Build your own Meditation

You choose everything. I channel the script and use my voice.

Soul Retrieval - Shamanic Healing

soul Healing: soul retrieval

Powerful shamanic healing to recover lost fragments of yourself.

Spiritual Courses

Spiritual Courses

Develop your Spirituality.

Talk to Fer.

Talk to Fer (Coaching)

Let’s have a nice friendly chat!

Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources

Small spiritual goodies.

Thanks for the Tip!

A small tip

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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