Your Daily Dose of Light

Everything you need to completely transform your spiritual life.


The Reading

Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and more.

guided meditations

Guided Meditations: Dozens of different choices

Easy Meditations with different purposes.


The Healing

Spiritual Healing from the purest White Light

The Conspiracy Tarot

Monthly Programs

Don’t complicate yourself with labels. Experience Healing!

The Conspiracy Tarot

THe conspiracy tarot

A Unique and Powerful Tarot Deck.

Build your own meditation.

Build Your Meditation

You choose everything, I will channel the script and add my voice.

Soul Retrieval - Shamanic Healing


Sometimes it is necessary to explore and find healing with the power of our home: The Earth.

Spiritual Courses

Spiritual Courses

Develop your Spirituality.

Talk to Fer.

Talk to Fer (Coaching)

Let’s have a nice friendly chat!

Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources

Small spiritual goodies.

Zoom Reading and Zoom Healing

Discount Packages

Combine different things you like, and save!

Thanks for the Tip!

A small tip

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Readings, healings, guided meditations, and more

Welcome to the store! I am Fernando, and I will be delighted to work with you. You can find guided meditations and spiritual courses to help you achieve spiritual transformation.

Working with Fernando is easy, and this store is straightforward. I invite you to explore the store little by little to see the different possibilities.

My purpose on this planet is to guide, heal and teach so that you will g a lot with me.

First, you will find “The Reading” and “The Healing”; both are great for finding spiritual help and help in your day to day. I will always connect with all available light sources in the readings to obtain all the information. You will find the answers you need clearly and concisely. You will always receive channeled healing from the Divine Source. I always work with Spirit Guides and with the positive energies available in this and other parallel Universes.

You will also find over 100 Guided Meditations for any spiritual goal you have. All the meditations are very easy to do, and you will love all the variety you can find. There are meditations with plans for everything, so you will find one you love!

If you are looking for coaching sessions or spiritual development programs, you have come to the right place since you can find different programs and sessions that will cover all your needs.

And you can find more little things like Spiritual Courses, Shamanic sessions, and many more tools that will help you a lot.